I became inspired to become a Life Coach in 2003 when I meet an amazing holistic consultant who helped me shape who I am today. I had under gone a process of searching, I had travelled the world looking for unique experiences and self healing, I was drawn and became fascinated by all kinds of healing work from the physical to the spiritual. The journey started when I met a Reiki master, with whom I studied and gained my Reiki qualification and became hooked on learning more.

When I think about what makes me unique from other coaches? I believe its my own insight, my seeking and understanding of experiences from a range of practitioners from Reiki to Mindfulness to NLP to Life Coaching and Teaching. Humour is probably the most important key, which led me to doing stand-up comedy & organising events. And considering I was lacking in so much confidence, I even surprised myself!

My own experiences led me to finding the most amazing mentor (as mentioned at the beginning) who has given me more confidence and the belief that I too can become a coach 4 life.

Helping my clients break through obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life, has been very rewarding for me as a Life Coach.

Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure or unfulfilled let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.


Kelly Joy Christopher:

Life Coach & NLP Practitioner.

Kelly Joy Christopher. B.A Media/Cultural studies 

B.A. in Media & Cultural Studies, Diploma In Professional Studies Youth and Community, Professional Certified Coach (New Skills Academy) Founder of Coaching 4 Life, NLP Practitioner, BTEC level 2 Counselling Skills (QCF), Business Workshops;  Communication & Team Building & TEFL certification.

Here's a little bit more about me...


I started my journey of self improvement in my late teens when I realised I needed to deal with my relationships and career choices better. I set out as a seeker visiting various practitioners and therapists, from Hypnotherapists, Reiki Masters, Meditation Guides, to Holistic Healers. During my studies of self improvement I travelled the world, which led me to different experiences and seeing life through different eyes and different cultures. I found more confidence within myself and within my relationships and felt encouraged to continue my studies academically. Career choices led me to keeping within the Arts industry, something I had always had a passion for since leaving University, presenting me various opportunities while working @ the Contact Theatre: I became both an Artist & Writer in Residence, and it was during this time I discovered my passion for Stand-up comedy. Cutting my teeth on the stand-up scene, going from a silent room (definitely not something you want as a stand-up!) to finding the courage to sit back down and rewriting everything, fast forward 6 months (And with the help of a hypnotherapist!) winning a stand-up comedy night called 'Giggle Factory'. Growing in confidence I continued doing stand-up comedy in & around Manchester - Now producing & comparing my monthly comedy night 'Mirth & More'. 

Youth arts and events came calling next, using effective methods to help young people learn about themselves, others and society through non-formal education, which in turn led me to taking various diplomas and in 2014 becoming an NLP practitioner. I realised there was still more learning to do, so I studied to become a Life Coach in 2019. I have a real genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals in life. I harbour the skills of being caring, empathetic, with good listening skills. I found people radiating towards me due to all the training and confidence I was emanating. Friends and family began to seek me out and began to ask me for help with their own challenges, so I decided to expand my working and move into being a full time Life Coach.


I will happily work with all people wishing to improve their self confidence, anyone who wants to get more fulfilment out of their lives, relationships and careers. My style is totally person centred, non-judgemental, bringing warmth and humour to all my work.


"Kelly is an amazing person, I am forever grateful for the time I spend with her. She has helped me to make so many of my dreams a reality and has supported and encouraged me every step of the way. She has an infectious enthusiasm for life and when I see or speak to her I always come away feeling energised and really inspired. She always helps to bring the best out in me. Thank you Kelly for your awesomeness and for helping me on my creative journey" xxx


Danielle Cartwright. 




The novice says to the master, ‘What does one do before enlightenment?’
‘Chop wood. Carry water,’ replies the master.
The novice asks, ‘What, then, does one do after enlightenment?’
‘Chop wood. Carry water.’





"To succeed In life you need three things: 

A Backbone, a Wishbone & a Funny bone".

Reba McEntire.


"Joy is the essence of success"