• Kelly Christopher

How journaling can promote positive changes within our hearts and minds.

Welcome to my blog! This one is all about how journaling can help you connect to you!

So what is journaling? Its a way of expressing your inner most thoughts and feelings on the page, its a way of connecting with yourself developing self awareness and self reflection along the way.

To be honest I feel there are so many benefits to journaling, it allows for self expression and positive change to shine through it really helps you pay attention to whats really going on within. The best part... you don't have to share your words with anyone, if you don't want to! Journaling is about your own inner thoughts and dreams, it can be used as a starting point to discover your gifts and talents or a way of being comfortable with you.

Other benefits to journaling:

  • Helps develop self awareness & self reflection

  • Gives insights to who you are who you can become

  • Helps you pay attention to whats going on within

  • Helps to recognise accomplishments, developing positivity

  • A way of transforming limiting beliefs

  • To connect with your heart

  • Refocus and reframe your thoughts

  • Cultivates a growth & possibility mindset

  • Helps with gratitude, what are you truly grateful for?

  • Leads to a desire to learn and grow

  • A thought diary that helps see and change the inner critic

  • Positive affirmations a place to write and believe

  • Relieves stress, frees up tension that prevents you from being happy

For me journaling has become a powerful tool, not only in my coaching of clients and friends but also for myself. It has helped me make the link to so many tools that I use in my coaching:

Appreciative enquiry A theory that focuses on discovery, dreams, design and destiny

  • Discovery: you explore the best of what is, exploring your strengths

  • Dream you envision the future you really want

  • Design your future, create a plan to solve your challenges

  • Destiny put you visions into action

Helps cultivate a 'Growth and Possibility Mindset'...

  • What is possible if....

  • I wonder if I could

  • What could be possible if...

Try using stem prompts to help you start your journaling journey! they can be anything that helps you to connect with what you want to say on the page for example:

  • I feel at my best when...

  • One of the greatest achievements in my life to date is...

  • I am proud of myself when...

  • One challenge I have overcome in my life is...

  • Right now I notice I'm feeling...

Feel free to make your own prompts and start your journal for change! Its a great way of connecting to you, its helps you to pay attention to whats really going on within. Enjoy!

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