"Through several invaluable face to face sessions with Kelly I was finally able to develop a greater sense of direction and prioritise my professional career goals.

Kelly successfully helped me to build confidence through tailored visualiation techniques and true words of encouragement. By the end of our sessions I had found myself a new job in a role which is a perfect fit for me and meets my short-term goals. I particularly appreciated Kelly's dedication towards getting to know me and understanding my needs. She did well to keep me on track and focused by introducing me to and helping me put together a vision board.

Kelly is a kind-hearted person and made me feel very comfortable in her presence. I highly recommend her quality services and I have no doubt I will be in touch with her again in future as I continue to grow". 

Jessica Grundy

"Kelly is an amazing person, I am forever grateful for the time I spend with her. She has helped me to make so many of my dreams a reality and has supported and encouraged me every step of the way. She has an infectious enthusiasm for life and when I see or speak to her I always come away feeling energised and really inspired. She always helps to bring the best out in me. Thank you Kelly for your awesomeness and for helping me on my creative journey" xxx 


Danielle Cartwright. 

"Kelly is a great coach, her ability to listen and not be judgemental has helped me discover new pathways to support my learning".


Punam Ramchurn.